How do I get my 8 wk pitbull from jumping and bitting?


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When he jumps on you say down! In a very calm but serious voice. Then turn your head to the ceiling. He just wants your attention so if he stops getting attention, he will realize he shouldnt jump. When he walks away make sure you say "good boy" so he knows he did it right. As far as biting, make a loud high pitch sound to distract him and make him think your hurt, then once again stare at the ceiling until he walks away then reward him after so he will understand thats not how he needs to get your attention
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Because its a puppy then its teething you know? It wants to bite and chew things coz it has alot of tension in its gums, it will grow out of it as soon as it looses its milk teeth
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Use a rolled up news paper and smack his but,never smack a dog in the face. Once he gets the point just smack it on your hand and tell him no. Once he knows the sound of the news paper is a bad thing just the sound works well for other corrections,pay attention to him when he is staying down and give him positive attention. Teach him sit,stay, and lay commands, reward him after each time even if you have to help out, just as long as command is achieved,this will help in all around good behavior. A dogs pain tolerance is very high especially a pit often when they bite they don"t know it hurts you one way you can show them is by sticking your finger into his cheek so he bites down on his cheek with his back teeth this may take a quit a few times, pits are hard headed :) but will work.
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The first answer is great! There are many many ways to correct unwanted puppy behaviors, before they become a habit.<br><br>I saw that someone recommended using a "folded up newspaper" to correct the puppy. Do NOT do this! That is in no way to train a dog correctly. Doing that may stop the behavior, but will cause worse issues. No one wants a dog that is head-shy, and thinks anytime something is raised above it\'s head it\'s going to be hit. It creates fear, and can actually lead to aggressiveness.<br><br>So, go by the first answer, and if you need more help, many stores like Petsmart or Petco offer good training advice. Also, since your puppy should be seeing a vet for routine checks, vaccines and dewormings, you should ask them! Your vet or veterinary nurse will be able to show you what to do.<br><br>Good luck, be consistent and you will be fine!
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The answers already given are good - to add - when playing with your puppy use objects such as chew toys, not your hands.  Jumping? Hold front paws up for a few minutes when he jumps on ya, back legs will get tired. Problem here is they may still try to chew on your hands, but it helps  if not held up for long.
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I knew a pitbull that loved to fetch sticks and swing for hours on a bull rope hung 3.5 ft off the ground from an oak tree. It's a toss up on which was his favorite pastime.
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I would recommend an obedience class. Pits can be stubborn and hard headed but loyal, loveable, clowns too.  We have always had pits and rotties, consistency, patience and a take no BS attitude is what it takes to mold these breeds into a wonderful family member and safe community pet.  Lots of socialization and lots of training!! Good luck!
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My pitbull did that a lot also. I give her time outs in her kennel or tie her up with the leash for 10 to 15 minutes. I tell her she is a bad girl. Before I release the punishment I ask her if she is ready to be a good girl and let her go and if the behavior repeats so does the punishment. As for the biting I do the same if it hurts and let her know it herts by saying owe but if you have children around tell her it hurts even if it doesn't. They puppy is just teething git it an alternative objust to chew on not resembleing anything you do not want it to chew on.

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