Why Does My Dog Smell After Coming In From Outside?


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Dogs like to roll in everything...EVERYTHING. And they like to rub up against everything they come up against, "marking their territory". Your dog could have gotten into a patch of stinkweed or been sprayed by a skunk. If you really want to know, let your dog out, follow it, and let it take YOU for a walk.
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Sometimes dogs like to rub on something they have found that is dead (yukk). Mine will do it when he finds a dead worm, for example. It's a putrid type of stench...

If, on the other hand, it is like a metallic foul odor (similar to when you come in from walking or working outside) it may be something else. I am afraid in this case, that "outside" smell (on your skin and hair, in your clothes, on your animals, etc.) may be the result of exposure to airborne particles that are NOT naturally occurring! For example, it may be due to any number of man made pollutants - from dibrom (mosquito control) to silver iodide (cloud seeding). Some have even suggested that it is due to chemtrails...

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