What Are Mineral Licks?


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A block of mineral, usually salt or artificial medicated saline preparation and molassis,  set out for cattle, sheep, or deer to lick.
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Mineral licks are used by nomads like yourselves and are mineral supplements you put out for your reindeer herd. It keeps them healthy giving them minerals they don't normally get in quantities to keep them close to 100% healthy.  If you use them, you should always keep enough on hand in times of bad weather when the reindeer supply truck can't get through, and be sure to store them in your Yurt to keep them dry. They are also excellent for your Yaks and keeps their coats shiny and gives them bright eyes and good quality yak milk for your coffee.. It also aids in the deer having large healthy antlers. It's most important to keep St Nicholas's herd especially well taken care of so they will be ready for him on December 24th.
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I use salt lick blocks for my goats and I have friends that use mineral lick blocks for thier horses. They both supply the animal with salts and minerals when "Licked" by the animal to suppliment their normal diet just as you might take vitamin tablets at meals.
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Licks are where natural minerals (usually salt)
has been exposed.  Animals from bats to
elephants need it, just as much as people do.
It's also a solid block of salt that is put out for
both domesticated stock (horses, cattle,etc...)
and for deer and other such hunted animals.
The block will draw prey into the area and
keep them there as long as the salt is available.
Luckily, it's against the law to stake out a salt
lick when hunting.
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Salt Blocks For Game Animals Like Deer
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Mineral licks are exposed seams of mineral that animals and people have learned to use to live/sustain life.

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