Do Hamsters Get Depressed?


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Yep... During the winter, just like some people, hamsters get depressed. They can also get depressed if there is winter like lighting in the room. You could put a small lamp near the cage to brighten things up maybe turn the air conditioning down a few degrees or move the hamster farther from the air vents. They do not like drafts so it's ideal to keep away from windows and doors, but they do like the summer sunshine from windows. Age can really effect how the hamster feels as most only live about 2 1/2 years. If the hamster is young then you start checking for signs of illness... Keep a close eye on water bottle, make sure the hamster is using the bathroom adequately, check the food bowl often and look for stashes of food in the cage, offer some veggies or fresh greens (limit adding new things if you do it quickly it can cause diarrhea) check into a mineral and salt lick, provide some toys maybe one with a bell and chew toys are a must. Exercise is important, wheel in cage, ball to run around the house...

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