Do You Agree Or Disagree With Animal Abuse?


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No reasonable person could possibly believe animal abuse of any kind is okay.  I am an animal activist through the humane society, and am currently working with a number group to force legislation to ban the abuse of horse, and to ban the shipment of horses across the Mexican and Canadian where they are then slaughtered in incredibly cruel ways for human consumption.  The travel these horses are subjected to during transport is horrendous.  They are packed tightly together, in trucks, without food and water. Some don't even survive the trip. They are then cow-cocked at their destination.  (a cow-cock means their skulls are literally bashed in by sledgehammers.)  I couldn't feel more strongly about the issue of animal abuse.  God gave us stewardship over this planet and its inhabitants (animals).  If evil exists, animal abuse is evil in its purest form.
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tutu song answered
I disagree that, , i think animals are our friend.
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Disagree, animals are livin things to.
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I disagree i hate it when animal  are abuse it makes me cry tht someone could do tht to a animal
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I DISAGREE! THAT IS HORRIBLE WHAT THEY DO TO ANIMALS! When ever that commercial comes on with the animal abuse things i cry! Its so sad!
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Seffie Jones
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I KNOW! It was on at thanksgiving, and i bawled so hard. :( Shannon told me that Tony told her that he cries when he see's it! :S
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Yeah it's one of the worst thing that a human being do on regular basis in this or that form.
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I think its just straight up wrong because animals are our companions and help us when we need it and we help them when they need it..ive never seen it but ive heard and it puts me in such a rage so yes i disagree with animal abuse
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G'day Bunnylol.

Thank you for your question.

In principle, disagree. Depends what you classify as abuse.

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I disagree, and please log onto (subscribe) this site called PETA for helping more on the case of animal abuse.
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Also, if you are brave and ready enough, copy and paste this url to see a horrific and brutal video: Http://
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You can help fight animal abuse by using for all your internet searches, and they will donate money to your favorite charity. Choose a charity that protects animals.
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Bunnylol, I am disappointed in you.  I expect questions from you that are more thought provoking or cause one to do a little soul searching.  Everyone that is "normal"  will give you the same answer to this question.  Animal abuse is wrong.
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Joan commented
I truly did not mean to isult you. I simply meant that your questions are generally more thought provoking than this one. You should not take offense. But, in fact, the answer was obvious, everyone is against animal abuse unless they are the one doing the abusing. Truce, OK???
Seffie Jones
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Kk, sorry i was having a mood swing.
Karen commented
I agree with Nanat...where are ur more thought provoking questions????? And why tell Nanat that she doesn't know anything because of this????? Unless there is something more going on here...............oh, I see a mood swing.....u think u have those now?? Wait until ur uterus is taken out and u r REALLY old??? Then u will be eligible!!! Lol
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I think they should just be taken out back & abused themselves.
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Seffie Jones
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What? You agree with animal abuse?!
Michelle Phy
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NOOOOO!!!! I am an animal lover & ty for the negative point without knowing what i was saying. Anyway I rescue abused animals & have since my kids started bringing them home 22 years ago & i plainly stated that anyone abusing them should be taken out back & shot & i stand by what i say in my answer. I see someone abuse an animal i call the law or take the animal personally no exceptions.
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I love Animals and anyone abuses a animal is better off dead . So i disagree with animal abuse . Animals treat me better than some Human beings that call themselves people .

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