I Have Noticed Blood In My Cats Stool. What Is Causing This?


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Yes blood in stool is not a healthy sign. Has it taken any medicine in these days? It can also cause problem in digestive and intestinal track and cause stool in blood. It can be a cancer or a disease named as Melena in which blood is not seemed to be very fresh. More chances are toward the fact that there are parasites like hookworms and roundworms that are causing blood in stool. These parasites are eating up your cat from inside and also not letting it get energy from it normal food. That's why it is eating more to fulfill its hunger. Consult a vet soon.
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IF you have noticed bright red or fresh blood in the the cat's stool then it is "Hematochezia". This disease is due to the bleeding in the lower intestines of the cats i.e colon and rectum. But if the blood is not bright red and fresh, but  dark and blackish, then this is the symptom of "Melena", which is caused by bleeding the upper intestine.  The reason behind hematochezia may be of minor nature, or may lead to a serious problem. If you regularly find blood in cat's stool, then its really serious problem. Parasites cause it in the younger cats, but older cats suffer from it due to cancer. As your cat is quite older, so you better take her to a vet in order to diagnose the disease properly.
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Sometimes cats have a little bright red blood in their stools due to stress. When it's a little stress that's the cause, then it's not a big problem.

However, there can be other, more serious causes, and you might want a vet to examine her to make sure she's okay.
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I have an older kitty that snuck into some kitten food & was fed extra kitty snackies  It caused him to have blood in his poop.  He is on a special senior diet. The vet told me that switching foods like that can cause blood in poop.  They also can be constipated & have hemoroids.  This can also happen when there is an obstruction (hair ball, ingested ribbon etc).  Best to take that fecal sample to the vet when you notice any changes.  I do and the vets really appreciate it because it helps them to determine the cause.
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I took him to the vet the only thing that they have came up with is it could be caused by eating house plants, nothing else wrong with him as far their test are concerned. They said as long as he is being active and doesn't seem sick just to try to keep him out of the plants.
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Hi. I have the same problem with my cat since he was little. He's now 2 years old and from time to time I find blood in his stool . It's always diarrhea that comes with fresh blood at the end. The vet insists it is a food intolerance and he's just recommended I/d Prescription Diet from Hills. He said that we should try food exclusion first(I have to try different types of food until we get the right one for him) . My cat had his stools examined and the result was Ok. Vat said that if the problem persists, further examination is needed.
Muppy, could it be the case with your cat too since she's an outdoor cat and you couldn't notice the problem before. Try some other food for sensitive stomach and see what's happening.
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I have 3 cats so when I noticed the red blood in the stools, I did not know which one it was. Apollo is 12 years old, Oliver is 1-1/2 years old and Carly is a rescue and is probably less than 2 years old. I found out it was Oliver. I took him to the vet and had everything checked. He is a very healthy, playful, spirited cat and the vet gave him a dewormer (milbemax) and the antibiotic (metronidazole). It seemed to clear up but I still see the red blood from time to time. I started putting l-glutamine in his food which repairs the intenstinal tract.
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You really need to get the kitty to the vet for this, because bleeding isn't a natural thing that they do. Something can be obstructing the bowels, or it could be internally hurt. They can't tell you when they are hurting, so please get the kitty seen.
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I am a cat rescuer in North Carolina. My advice is to take the cat to the vet and have them start with a fecal. If that does not indicate the problem, then other tests may be necessary, especially for an older cat that goes outdoors. Blood in the stool can be an indicator of a serious problem, such as coccidia, worms or other health issues that are not treatable at home.
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This is to Oliverm and anyone else who knows-  is l-glutamine ok to give cats?  I too see dark, gloppy red bits in my ooold cat's stool once in a while, and I do not know what it is about.
He's healthy, and passed all his tests for this year, so I don't want to get too paranoid, also I am recovering from cancer myself and have no health insurance - so  tons of tests for this and for that is soo costly, etc.  Thanks in advance !
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I did a little reading and it could be nothing or it could be something serious. You need to take the cat to a vet as soon as you can. Here is a site that talks about the possible causes. Www.animalhealthcare.ca/contents/content.asp?id=333&cat=cats
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She might be constipated. She might also have worms or bad infestation. Colitis can also be another reason. Make the cat check from some other vet.
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My guess would be a parasite - worms- take her to a second vet for a second opinion, especially if her tummy seems bloated or hard.
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I think you should my cat has a hole on her paw and I'm  worried sick I'm so scared..take him to the vet!!
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That's what my cat (Missy) does I took her to the vet... And come to find out she was on her period.
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I have noticed dark red blood in my cats stool he is about 1 year old and is still eating regularly and still very active and none of his other activities have changed. Is this a fatal problem if its cancer or can it be cured?
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FEMALE cat SPAYED1 year old has bright red blood IN STOOL, SHOULD I TAKE HER TO THE VET?
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My male cat, 3 months old, has a respiratory infection we are treating him for now and tonight we found blood in his stool. Does this go along with respiratory illness or is it something else we should be worried about. Very loose stool as well.
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Most likely due to internal bleeding due to a blow to the stomach or some other cause, as it may have injested something and it has caused a tear inside of stomach.  Best to have the animal checked out rather than second guess while the cat may get worse.  Bleeding is a sign of something serious and does not usually clear up on its own.  Please have someone look at your cat and find out what the source is so it can be properly treated
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If an animal is passing it is well worth getting it checked even if it is to prevent any problems that may be happening before it goes any further if there is something going on. I don't believe it should be passing blood.

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