What's A Good Name For A Pekingese?


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Names to give a Pekingese
The Pekingese (also known as a 'Peke') is one of the cuddliest and most adorable dogs on the planet.

For this reason, Pekingese owners often choose to give their pets very cute names. I find it funny when Pekingese are given decidedly un-cute names, though!

For example, there's nothing more amusing than hearing a dog owner calling out the name 'Trevor' - only to see a tiny little Pekingese waddling over to its master.

If you're feeling uber-ironic, you may want to give your pup a name like 'Bruiser', 'Spike', 'Luger', or 'Brutus' (names that are usually reserved for larger breeds like Rottweilers).

Because Pekingese originate from China, another idea would be to give your doggy a name that reflects its Chinese heritage. To pick a great Mandarin Chinese name, I'd suggest you use this nifty Mandarin name generator.

If you're determined to stick with the 'cutesy theme', though, then any name that ends with the suffix -ifty (Mifty, Swifty) or -issy (Kissy, Lissy, Missy) might be good options.

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