What Is The Most Strange Pet You Have Owned?


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Matthew Yau Profile
Matthew Yau answered
My pet frog. His name is Pol.
wilbert u can call me sue Profile
My first boyfriend, kidding, I guess it would have been ants kept in a jar when I was a kid and other assorted insects.  They started selling these aquarium type bug catchers, I think I caught a bea one, but that was a long time ago
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I raised a baby bird a few years ago. Didn't know what it was till he got bigger. It was a chipping sparrow.
Taylor Brookes Profile
Taylor Brookes answered

I've had 2 cats and 2 fish, but the weirdest one (which is pretty boring, really) was a horse called Alex. Although I would like a turtle.

michelle cherry Profile
michelle cherry answered
I just worked at a HUGE pet supply convention... (I don't have one, mind you-) The big brained people have taken jellyfish DNA and coral DNA and genetically altered mouse DNA so that these mice GLOW IN THE DARK!!!! NO kidding... Crazy. I got a flyer, the website is www.neonmice.com check it out.
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carol washington
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I went to the web site and those mice tripped me out! I can imagine them in a dark room and all you can see are glowing mice running about. That thoughts staying with me for awhile.

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