My 9 Yr Old Siberian Husky Appears To Be Having Flu Like Symptoms...lethargic, Achy. Is This Possible?


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You have not given details of flu like symptoms which your dog is having. Lethargy is a condition that is characterized by reduced activities, drowsiness, and delay response to external stimuli. Many factors can cause lethargic condition in dogs like infections, anemia, dehydration, skin and eye diseases, cancer, cardiovascular and hormonal disorders, immune diseases, side effects of medicines, and toxic reactions etc.

Flu in dogs can be due to a new emerging contagious virus. Its common sign is cough which can persists for 20-21 days. Nasal discharge and fever are other symptoms. In sever cases, pneumonia as secondary infection is reported.

If your dog is having cough since last 20-21 days then contact your local vet. Treatment is symptomatic that includes cough suppressants, fever medicines and anti allergy.

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