My 8 Year Old Male Dalmatian Has Just Started Drooling Uncontrollably & He's Licking His Lips A Lot (to Stop Drooling). It's Been Snowing & We've Been Out For A Walk So Could It Be The Salt On The Roads?


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Lip licking is related with the excessive drooling. Excessive salivation or drooling can be normal under some conditions likes specific stimuli like food, excitement, and heat etc. Some breeds of the dogs have more drooling under normal conditions.  A sudden excessive salivation in dogs is pathology that can be due to
  1. Gum & dental diseases
  2. Tongue injury
  3. Stomach disorders
  4. Mouth ulcers
  5. Tumors in mouth
  6. Metabolic disorders.
If your dog is showing some other signs of illness then take your pet to the vet.  

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