Why Is My Dog ,a New Mom Shaking And Getting Stiff And Panting?


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Shaking is symptom that can be normal if it occurs on exposure to cold or swimming. Some medical conditions like pain, ear infection, fleas, skin parasites and nervousness can cause shaking.

You have not indicated how many days before your dog became mom? Did she passed placenta? If no then take her to vet. If she has passed placenta and showing signs like shaking and panting then it can be due to canine Eclampsia.

Canine eclampsia  is also called hypocalcaemia and milk fever. This is a condition in which blood calcium levels are dropped significantly in nursing dogs and affected dog can die. Poor nutrition during pregnancy and nursing period is major cause.

Its symptoms are panting, restlessness, nervousness, convulsions, tremors, difficulties in walking, stiffness, increased body temperature, rapid respiration, coma and possibly death.

Treatment of canine eclampsia is use of calcium through IV and oral routes and hand raising of puppies. But it will be good to see a vet.

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