My Dog Has Started Licking Herself A Lot Lately, What Could Be The Cause Of This?


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Excessive licking isn't always normal, there are usually two roots to this problem. Firstly, medical issues, and secondly, behavioral.

For the medical part, you dog might be experiencing problems related to it's coat or skin. For example, flaky or dry skin will cause dogs to lick themselves in order to settle the feeling and feel more comfortable. It may also be simple things like allergies to the soap they are using. Try changing the shampoo, or administering Benadryl (1mg per lb of dog's weight, three times a day) to see if allergies are the cause.

Sometimes, this is a behavioral problem. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from mental issues that are hard to solve, and can start compulsive habits to stop feeling anxious. Licks are a way of getting attention. If this is the case, it will take longer to solve the problem. You will need to observe the animal and see if something specific is triggering this behavior in the dog.

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