My Dog Has Had Hiccups A Good Amount For Six Months What Is It?


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Are you sure that your dog is having hiccups? Because symptoms of hiccups in dogs can be similar to that of chocking and cough. Hiccups are common in dogs and if happen occasionally then no need to worry only giving water to your dog to drink van help the problem. Persistent hiccups in dogs can be due to
  1. Eating rapidly
  2. Spasm in diaphragm
  3. Minor stomach disorder
  4. Stress
Spasm in diaphragm allows air to get filled in lungs abruptly. This situation can cause hiccups in quick succession or with delay in between. Sometimes, hiccups in dogs can be indication of serious illness. That is why this condition should not be neglected and getting vet help on time to avoid complications is helpful.

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