How much eukanuba junior and puppy food does my 12 week shih tzu need? He weighs about 2kg badly need to know !


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About 30-40 grams in the morning (7-8 am) in the afternoon (12-1pm) and at night )(5-6pm) it depends if she will eat the whole 40 grams if so then thats fine if not then 30 if not that then just see how much she will eat at about 45-7 months you can only feed in the moring and afternoon but about 100grams when he is fully grown he will proble eat about 100-200 grams in the morning and night depends how big he gets :)
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The actual answer is none really and you may want to consider a slow switch to a better quality food. They need more of a lower quality food than they do a higher quality so amount daily can vary per type of food as well as dog. Your pup is about 4 1/2 pounds or so? It's probably about 1/2 to 3/4 cup per day (may possibly even go up to a cup with a food like eukanuba) or so, you would divide that between the number of feedings and then make any adjustments needed from there by monitoring your pups weight. I could not find a feeding chart that should be on the back of your bag. The feeding charts are usually a little more than they actually need and can lead to obesity so best to start at a bit less than that.
If you got your puppy from a good breeder you can ask their advice on this sort of thing as well. The first link is the US breed parent club and 3-5 are more information for you on dog foods including a site with reviews and ratings, nutrition and how to read a bag of dog food a bit better if you want to look into that a bit more.

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