How does your dog do with the fireworks on Fourth of July ? I have to give mine a sedative.


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The dog I have now doesn't show any concern about the fireworks at all. The dog I had before her was a different story. He'd go hide under the bed and shake until they were over.

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Ancient Hippy
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My son and his wife are dog fosters and have had a couple of dozen foster dogs that they find homes for. This one melted their hearts and they adopted him after 5 months because he was getting comfortable with them and they didn't want him to have to start over with a new family.
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AH, that is wonderful, wonderful, so wonderful
Ancient Hippy
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They'll be taking him and their other dog on vacation with them in a couple of days. Spending a week at an Inn in the Adirondacks, that welcomes dogs.
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We do have to reassure them when the fireworks start---then they are ok.

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My dog will be 8 years old in July.  Up until about 3 years ago she would act terrified at the sound of fireworks.  I mean trying to walk her for days after she was almost impossible to walk her.  Now, thankfully she is great.  Last night as I was walking her, someone maybe 30 yards away from us set off a few fireworks.  She looked over in that direction but then right back to smelling the grass and seemed unfazed. 

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You're lucky ! They never bothered Hunter till he got older. The Vet gave me some pills for him and I sure hope they work or it's a sleepless night for me !
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When Keokee was younger I had to get her medication before fireworks. While she certainly still didn't like it, they calmed her down a lot.
Rooster Cogburn
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I sure hope it works ! lol
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It never seemed to bother our dogs that I can remember.  But our home wasn't close to the city's fireworks demos and we didn't have our own since they were illegal in our state.

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Dear RC,

Last New Year, I actually came over and snuggled with my friends' dog, 14-year-old Tigger, so the friends could be away for the night.

Other friends just purchased a small travel trailer so they could take their 15-year-old Gracie to the beach, where it is quiet. As well as other excursions I am sure, but Gracie's extreme distress is what triggered that purchase.

* * *

I think it is all worth it, whatever we have to do for them, the animals do give us so much...

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Some of you may remember this photo. I have one dog that jumps in the bathtub when he hears fireworks and I've got another one who goes out in the driveway and just looks up at the sky enjoying them.

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Arabella gets a natural sedative, and wears a Thundershirt. It is Skully's first 4th with us so we haven't seen how he reacts, but he doesn't seem to like loud noises. I suspect both dogs will be in my husband's mancave with the TV turned up so they can't hear the fireworks.

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So this is what they are doing. Wearing Thundershirts.
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Hmmm. I thought I followed the directions to add a picture correctly.

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