What Do Matamata Turtles Eat?


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  Matamata Turtles have very striking head and neck features. From plan view, it has a triangular head with a long snout. Its neck and back is covered with layers of flesh that is quite lose and sway from side to side when it is in water. This makes it look as it there are weeds on its back when it is in water. Its Latin name is Chelus fimbriatus which describes it more adequately.

  An adult Matamata is a fairly big turtle with a carapace of about 16 inches. The color of a Matamata can be anywhere between shades of orange or black and brown. It can have some light yellow patches too. The skin color can be different shades of brown.

  Matamatas are carnivorous turtles and they generally eat fish. The turtles usually swallow entire fishes of an appropriate size. Minnows and Goldfish can be fed to Matamatas that are held captive in zoos or ponds. If you wish to take care of a Matamata, you must not feed it with fresh caught fish, rather you should keep this fish in a separate body of water such as an aquarium such that any chemical etc. in the body of the fish is allowed to go out. Also, the fish can be given a high protein diet such that it is more beneficial to the Matamata.

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