What Do You Feed Dogs That Have Low Blood Sugar?


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The problem of low blood sugar persists in small dogs more often then larger dogs. The condition of low blood sugar level in dogs is known as Hypoglycemia. This means that the dog is not getting enough substances in his daily diet and nutrition which will enable its body to make enough sugar. You should make sure that at this point, your dog's appetite is good and he is getting rich and high protein and sugar diet. You can feed your dog things like rice. Read the labels of the pet food that you buy for your pet and check the sugar level on the labels. Make sure that you always buy the pet food with high sugar count.

Low blood sugar in dogs does not mean that you have to feed him sweet things orally. Too much sweets given to dogs are not a healthy thing either. There are sugar supplements available in pet stores for dogs who have a low blood sugar levels. They are like a sticky can bar for your dog, you can either mix it in their food or directly feed it to them.

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