Are Spiders Insects? To Which Family Do They Belong?


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Spiders are not insects; they belong to the class known as Arachnids which have many distinguishing features as compared to insects. First and foremost the body of a spider is divided into two parts called the cephalothorax comprising the eyes, mouth and the head without antennae a common insect feature and the abdomen while insects have three body parts; the head, thorax and abdomen.

A spider has eight legs while an inset has six legs; also insects are generally winged creatures. The class Arachnida includes not only spiders but also ticks, mites and even the much feared scorpions; all have a similar body structure which is a common classification basis for biologists. Many people are afraid of spiders and fear of spiders is known as Arachnophobia the word being derived from the class to which the spider belongs. Insect repellents though have been known to repel insects and spiders in equal measure.

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