My Black Bear Hamster Has A Gotten A Large Bump On Her Side, What Is It?


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molly callaway answered
I am not a professional when it comes to rodents, but I believe that your hamster has a tumor. Sometimes people can overlook the growth, and next thing you know, your little buddy has a tumor. I would recommend taking her to the vet to get it checked out. If it's benign, it might be better for her to not have surgery(surgery can be quite traumatizing for small animals), but if it's not, I wish her the best of luck in any direction you decide to take. I hope I helped a little.
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D Malicoat answered
Take it to the vet!  It could be nothing at all or it could be something serious, but I would want a true veterinary diagnosis if it were my pet.  I hope she is okay.
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John Rhoades answered
Vet be best idea. Black bear hamsters are the sweetest things aren't they I have one myself.
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It could be as simple as a benign abscess or as dangerous as a malignant tumor. As I'm no expert, I'd recommend seeing a veterinarian that has adequate experience with small animals.
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I too have a black bear hamster, Black Beauty. He has a tumor on his um, private spot. You have to take him to the vet before it is to late! If it grows bigger it will cause more pain to the poor hammy. I am scared for my hammy too. I got him as a baby, he was a present from my mom. So anyway, If you can't offered to pay for the surgery(because I don't how much it is) the best thing to do is pay the cost 5$ or so to have him put down then suffer a painful deaf. I know its hard, good luck...
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Yeah its a tumor its a life threatening thing my hamster died from it
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That is really weird because my blackbear hamster also has a lump thingy on his side/back.....I'm wondering if it was a tumor or not....huh...

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