Why does my 2 year old shih tzu who has been fixed demand to stay outside when its bedtime?


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Sounds like hes afraid of the dark in the house at night for some reason now. Try a night light or two and see if that helps, and itll tell you that something yerrified the poor guy at night in the house especially if he thinks being outdoors at nite is safer
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Mike Avery
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We have a night lite for him. He goes hyper until we either put him out side (then he refuses to come in. Just likes to sit outside) or turn on the a/c. The house is cool but for some reson it works. Need answer because dont feel like usind a/c in winter. Thanks for trying.
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If she was spayed recently this could be the sign of a "phantom heat cycle" which is a regular occurrence in newly-spayed dogs.

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