Our New Hamster Makes The Weirdest Noises, What's That About?


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My hamster is making a rumbling noise
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If it's like a squeal, they do that, nothing to worry about. Hope this helps.
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It squeals too, but the sound it makes is more like a cat hissing...is this normal?
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It could be that his sinus might have an infection, or blocked sinus, you should get him to the vet to make sure that he is o.k.
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I got a hamster a thew days ago and it keeps making a squealing noise but it it is also has a runny nose and it keeps sneezing but I don't no what this means !
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Well If It Is A Squealing Noise There Is Nothing To Owrry About Because My Hamster Used To Do That And Someone Told Me That It Could Meen It Is Happy Or Sad But Normally It Is Because It Is Happy !!

Hope I Have Helped !!!

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