Why Do Our Angel Fish Fight?


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When Angel Fish are ready to breed they become very aggressive and will kill any other fish in the tank. I have breed Angel Fish for 10 years, I keep the young ones together but after they mature they will pair off and start fighting thats when you have to separate them as soon as you see this behavior.
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Had many angel fish in my day...they seem to do fine with each other but they are very aggressive with other fish. Few pointers on angel fish....

The bigger they are, the older they are and less likely to die. (Small young angels are extremely sensitive to their environment and can die quicker)

Also, when choosing your angel fish, try to get two at the same time from the same breeder, so you know they are adjusted.

Adding new fish to the tank after Angels have been there will cause a fight!

Good luck! :)

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They are naturally fighting fish, and they aren't supposed to be in the same tank together, they will kill one another. Hope this helps, good luck.
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They are very aggressive territorial types.

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