My Boxer Dogs Mouth Is Constantly Dripping With Saliva. Is It Because She Is Sick?


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Drooling is very common in Boxers, and isn't usually anything to be worried about.

We used to have 2 boxers- and they loved nothing more than lying down in the sun and slobbering away.

The only reason you should be concerned is if the drooling has increased all of a sudden, or if it's coupled with other symptoms like fatigue and constant panting.

Why does my boxer drool so much? All dogs drool- it is their way of cooling down and keeping their body temperature low. Boxers tend to be pretty big droolers because of the shape of their mouths.

Their trademark lips and facial features mean that boxers drool more than the average dog. Pockets of saliva often accumulate in their cheeks- and this can result in a gush of drool when it escapes.

Does drooling mean my dog is sick?

If your dog starts drooling a lot more than usual, this could be a sign that he/she is overheating.
Heatstroke is a condition that is usually accompanied by fatigue, laziness and constant panting.

If you see these symptoms in your dog, it may be time to visit the vet!

There are a number of other possible conditions that contribute to excessive drooling, including;

  • dental or gum problems
  • neurological problems
  • facial muscle problems
  • issues with swallowing and the saliva glands
If you're in doubt, I'd really recommend getting your pet to the vets.
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Unfortunately because of the way Boxers have been bred this is a general problem. That and breathing problems are connected with this breed.

Your dog is not ill, it's just a consequence of breeding.

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