What Are The Five Groups Of Animal?


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The Animal Kingdom is really huge. You have a number of animals living on this planet and so are the groups plenty. However, the five groups of animals with bones are the mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Under the category of mammals we have animals with hair or fur, who breathes air for, feed their young ones with milk and also animals with whiskers fall under this category. In the category of birds, we have birds that have wings or feathers, who breathe air and of course who lay eggs. The characteristics required to fall under the category of fish are it should have scales, fins and tails, breathe underwater with the help of gills. The next category is reptiles, wherein they have dry skins and scales and breathe air. And the last category is Amphibians which have smooth wet or slimy skins and live in water as well as land.

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