What Are The Animals On The Backyardigans?


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Tyrone is a moose
Tasha is a hippo
Austin is a kangaroo
Pablo is a penguin
Uniqua is a unigue creature all her own

All of this is according to the shows creators, researched through the shows website and the website for Nickelodeon Jr for which they are programed.
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Uniqua is a chameleon thats why she matches her purple dotted jump suit if you look closely you can see her clothes are a bit darker and  with them and  the toys in her back yard that are also purple and spotted.
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I don't think Uniqua is anything. I think she unique hence the name Uniqua. She's a mixture on different animals.
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Ones a moose a think a hippo  a bird sorry   my kids watch it all the time
ill lokk for you tomorrow
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My 2 yr old use to watch this show, I use to buy everything possible dealing with the Backyardigans but now he likes Spongebob, Anyways this is what I know about them: I know there names is Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha and Austin, Tyrone is the moose, Pablo is a Penguin he was my Son`s favorite, Austin is a kangaroo, I heard Uniqua is a alien what else would be purple with pink spots also because she is very Unique she`s in between all kinds of animals and an alien, Tasha is a hippo.  Thats the best I can do for you, Hope it helps.
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Someone told me Uniqua could be a snail but an alien sounds more like what she looks like
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You know Uniqua could be a snail, Cause of her ears, But I heard she`s between an alien and all kinds of animals, If anyone figures this out, Let me know
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Ones a penguin
ones a hippo
ones a kangaroo
ones a moose
and uniqua is a giraffe

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