How Does A Rat Trap Work?


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A rat trap is a device used to catch rats. There are many various types of rat traps with the most common one being a spring loaded device which has a trigger, on the trigger the bait is placed. Its main objective is to paralyze the rat by crushing its spine.

The two important types of rat traps are the mechanical rat trap and the Electronic rat trap. Mechanical rat traps are made in such a way that it catches the rat and stops it from escaping by mechanically holding the rat when it's caught. The other basic type of rat trap is the one which a rat can enter but cannot leave; this generally functions on a valve technology.

The recently invented Electronic rat traps have been designed with the main objective of not catching them but to drive them back by emitting sound waves which exasperates the rat but cannot be heard by humans.
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The most common kind of a rat trap works on the basis of a spring. A rat trap is a spring loaded device with a wooden base. It has a trigger with a bait (some kind of an attraction for the mouse) which attracts the mouse to come and touch the trigger on which the bait lies. When the rat tries to get the bait, the trigger pulls of and an iron or aluminium wire crushes its spine.
Most rat traps are designed not to kill the rat but to just crush its spine so the rat is paralysed. It mechanically holds the rat which has been trapped and prevents it from escaping. Other rat traps may also have a cage with a similar type of a mechanism; however, here the trigger and bait are inside the cage.

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