Do Jack Russell Shed Their Fur?


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If you are going to have this breed then you should be aware of some basic things regarding this breed of dog.

It needs regular grooming; comb and brush its hair regularly with strong bristle brush as it sheds especially in autumn. Sometimes manual shedding is required for rough coat few times a year.
Its height should be 10 to 15 inches
Its weight should remain 14 to 18 pounds
They live for more than 15 years
They need regular daily walk and exercise to keep them calm and al right.
You should take care of its health regarding
Dislocation of the kneecaps
Few inherited eye diseases
Legg Perthes
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YES!! 24/7!! My one Jack Russell Terrier sheds non-stop. My second Jack Russell sheds too, but, we wish his fur would thicken up. How do we get his fur to thicken?
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I have a shih tzu mix Jack Terrier, he is shedding badly also his color is changing to a mix light brown and black. The hair under his neck is a pretty white. What can I do about the shedding?

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