The Inside Of My Dogs Ears Are Peeling. They Were Red A Couple Of Weeks Ago And He Had Ear Infections. It Seems Like They Are Irritated Again Along With The Peeling. What Does This Mean?


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Its either a yeast infection or ear mites both of which can be cured at home. Hydrogen Peroxide and white distilled vinegar 1/2 cup each mixed together works wonders. You can also do a variation of equal parts of the water and vinegar ie 1tps of each mixed into a dropper for ear drops for the ears. (Excuse my grammar there...) I run search and rescue dogs and don't call the vet every single time their ears turn red. Try it. If it doesn't work go see your vet.
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Could be another infection-parasites-fungus-bacteria-sunburn-raw from scratching-allergic reaction to meds---all are possible-see a vet

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