My Dogs Ear Tips Are Losing Fur And The Flys Are Attacking Them And It Looks Awful! I Need Help! Can Anyone Help Me?


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There is a common dog virus called mange. You might want to check the spelling on that. Anyways, they are little microscopic bugs that make the dog loose its fur in spots over its body. Has your dog been trying to itch them? I would take the dog to the vet to have a skin graph checked to make sure exactly what it is. Hope I could help a little and good luck.
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There are a couple of things that could be wrong. It could be allergies, Flies eating the fur off, mange,ect.... But you could try to put some fly repellent that is safe for dogs on its ears, or you could try to put some gentin violet on its ears. Genting violet is purple and will stain. You have to ask for it at your local pharmacy because they don't leave it on the shelves. But it will also keep the flies off of its ears. I have used it on my dogs a lot. I use it when I see a sore on them and I am afraid that the flies might lay eggs on it. Believe me you do not want that to happen. Gentin Violet was used 25 years ago to put in babies mouth to cure a fungus called thrush mouth.
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It's strike...use a spray called flies will repel the flies and give your poor dog some much needed relief!

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