What Do Rolly Pollys Eat And Drink?


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Rolly Pollys are a type of bug also known as Isopods, Pillbugs and Sow Bugs. Naturally, they live in the soil but can also be kept in a large, clear container or a shoe box. Make sure there are plenty of ventilation holes in the container to ensure there is plenty of oxygen for them and they do not get too hot. The soil needs to be at least an inch thick and should always be moist so they do not actually need to 'drink'. You should mist the soil everyday to ensure it remains moist and spray it with a little water but not too much because the bugs do not like the soil to be soggy. Be careful that the soil does not dry out as the bugs will die in dry soil. You can also place leaves, bark and sticks to absorb excess moisture. These will also provide areas for the bugs to explore, hide and sleep.
You can feed them virtually anything such as vegetable peelings from potatoes, apples or carrots and also small pieces of the vegetables. Leaves from plants, vegetables and tress can also be eaten by the bugs. Fish food can also be sprinkled around their habitat as they will enjoy eating this.If you are caring for the bugs for a long time, it may be necessary to clean out their container to rid the environment of waste gases. You should always remove uneaten food and mould because this will rot quickly due to the humidity in their container. The soil should also be replaced regularly but this can be a very tricky job as small bugs may be hiding in the soil. You should do your best to sieve through the soil to ensure you do not throw any bugs out in the old soil.
It is possible to observe the bugs by holding them in your hand. Pick them up extremely gently between your thumb and forefinger and be well aware that they move very quickly. Handling of young bugs should be discouraged due to their fragile nature.

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