What Do Snails Eat And Drink?


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Snails are herbivores - this means that they don’t eat meat. What a snail will actually eat depends on its habitat, and what type of snail it is.

So What Kind Of Things Do Snails Eat And Drink?
  • Leaves
  • Grass
  • Plants
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Lettuce
  • Algae
  • Dirt (if there’s nothing else to eat!)
  • Water (in the form of dew drops and the moisture found in soil)
What Can't Snails Eat?
Anything with sugar or salt in! If you have a pet snail and you feed it anything sugary or salty, it will die. Ever heard about what happens when you pour salt on a slug? Well, it acts like acid, and melts the slug into a pile of foamy slime. This is very cruel, and it's what would happen to your snail if you fed it salty food.

What Else Do Snails Need?
Snails need quite a high-calcium diet in order to keep their shells nice and strong. Calcium occurs naturally in some soil types, especially in chalky areas.

Obviously, a strong shell won’t protect a snail from accidentally ending up under your shoe, but it should keep it safe from day-to-day damage or small predators!
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Snails eat leaves, grass and a little amount of water. If you put too much water they will die.
Make sure you feed them fresh grass every day.
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They eat leaves and grass and they drink water.
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They eat any greens like grass and lettuce, and some snails even munch on fruit like carrots and apples, and they are both sexes (hermaphrodites).

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