What Are Dust Mites?


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They are a microscopic organisms that live in dust, and are usually found hiding under house furniture, like pillows, bolsters, mattress and carpets, looking like some sort of allergen and a parasite to people's eyes. They also live on human's dead skin cells, and can cause rashness and outbreak of spots in humans. They are from the arachnid family.
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Dust mites are tiny (microscopic) parasites which live in pillows, bedding and particularly mattresses. There are two main sorts : Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus and Dermatophagoides Faringe. The adult male lives for between 19-30 days, whilst the female, if she has mated, can live up to two months. For the last month of her life she will lay eggs : so they are robust procreators! They eat the skin which has been shed from humans (on average we shed circa 1.5 grams per day).

The dust mites are not by themselves dangerous or harmful to mankind, but they do cause people with allergies or asthma some problems. This is because their excrement which is abundant in mattresses/pillows is an irritant to people with these conditions.

Dust mites thrive in the modern warm, carpeted and double glazed environments in which we now live. In particular they thrive in an environment which is between 20 and 25 C, which is the temperature most homes are now maintained at.

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