Help Please! I Might Have A BAT In My Garage! How Can I Get Rid Of It Forever?


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Call the local critter getters or hang a fine net at the opening of the garage and wait for them to fly into it,but then you have to either take it to the zoo or move it to another location.because if you don't they will come back to the same area...I have them here where I live but they only come out late in the evening and only eat bugs....later
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Call your local animal control people now! They can help get him. Don't you try the bat may have rabbies
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Yeah, bats are a carrier for rabies.  Animal control is a good idea, if you have it in your area.  You could potentially open the garage and let it fly out as well... There is no reason to be afraid of bats.  They don't attack humans.
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If I lived where you are, I'd catch it and bring it to my house.
Seriously.  They CAN carry rabies, (that's what heavy
leather gloves are for), but  Bats ARE very good in the
way of a safer form of insect control.
The worst it could do is startle you (as much as you startled it)
and maybe poo on your car, but it's hardly something to panic over.
Bat guano is great for flowers and trees.  Find out where it roosts,
put a pail or something below that spot .  When there's a little bit in it,
add water, stir and pour it on your favorite bush.
Believe me, I'd love to have your problem.
Otherwise, call Animal Control.

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