What Does A Kangaroo Eat?


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Kangaroos are herbivores – that’s the animal equivalent of being vegetarian!

So, What Do Kangaroos Actually Eat?
Well, that depends on what species you’re talking about! Some types of kangaroo just graze on different types of grass, whereas others will eat shrubs and leaves. Some kangaroos even eat fungi!

Kangaroos have chambered stomachs, just like cows, sheep and llamas.

This means that they will eat food, regurgitate it and chew it as cud, and then swallow it again for a final digestion. This might seem pretty gross, but it’s normal for them!

There’s a lot of water in the vegetation that kangaroos eat, so they don’t need to drink very much. In fact, they can go up to four months without taking a drink – you’d think they’d get thirsty, but they don’t!

Baby kangaroos, known as joeys, stay in the mother's pouch and drink milk from her mammary glands.

This is the kangaroo equivalent of breast-feeding, and the joeys do this until they're old enough to get their own food. Even then, they'll still try to feed from the mother for a little while!
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A kangaroo eats lots of plants mostly grass. That is why so many farmers kill the kangaroos in Australia - so they do not eat their crops. They do eat them, too.
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Plants and grass.

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