How Do You Care For Mudpuppies?


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Girl you crazy!!!!!! Mud puppies are amphibians(frogs, toads, salamanders e.t.c.) so they DON'T bask in light, unlike reptiles. Mud puppies like cool water, so that pretty much defeats the purpose of a water heater. Plus a mud puppy would not care what kind of background you give it, if you give it one at all! Also an aquatic terrarium is called an aquarium!
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Mudpuppies can be kept in the Aquatic terrariums and taking the care of them is very easy. What you need is submersible heater; gravels that are required to spread in the bottom and also a filter that makes the maintenance work less.

First you should take vented screen on the top to circulate air through the terrarium and also the basking lamp can be provided a place with it. Then you will need a basking area that can be of floating type like a slab of a bark. It can also be of rocks and moss. Then you need a background which plays an important role for the natural looking setting to feel the mudpuppies secure and comfortable.

If you have provided all the abovementioned things, you can be sure that your mudpuppy is in good care.

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