What Does A Hawk Look Like?


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Hawks are birds of prey that are large and have a regal appearance. There are several different varieties of hawks, and therefore hawks vary in appearance. Many people consider any bird of prey other than owls to be hawks. The strictest definition would be any bird belonging to the accipitridae family. Hawks are found in all continents, and different types are found on each continent.

Buzzards are medium-sized hawks with wingspans of up to 5 feet. They are brown and white. They have plump heads with a hooked beak. Their bodies puff out in the middle, and they have sharp talons.

Harriers are smaller hawks that weigh around 250-350 grams. Their bodies are more slender than buzzards, and they have wide faces. Their plumage comes in a variety of colors which range from brown, grey, black and white.

Kites are smaller birds, and are typically less than 10 inches in length. They tend to have a coloring pattern that can include shades of black, white, brown, and grey. They can be spotted, speckled, or striped with varying colors.

Eagles vary in coloring and build, but all have a distinct appearance. They have large eyes that are usually yellow, large hooked beaks, and a very convex face. They are larger than most other types of hawks.

Falcons are the fastest creatures on earth, and can fly up to 200 miles an hour. They range in color from beige to dark brown. They have large eyes with smaller hooked-beaks.

Goshawks and sparrowhawks are both classified as accipiters. Goshawks have tall bodies with a wide face. Their eyes are quite large and their small beaks curve outward. They are often a grayish or bluish color. They have long legs with big talons. Most have white under parts. Sparrow hawks have heads that resemble sparrows and tend to have elaborate patterns on their plumage.

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