What Makes A Dalmatian Shake Incontrollably For Minutes On End?


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Julii Brainard answered
Any dog may shake a bit if very nervous or over-excited.   It's also worthwhile to speak to your Vet to rule out any conditions which medication can help with.  But some dogs just are prone to shaking, and Dalmatians are one of the vulnerable breeds.

Their nervous systems have problems. The sort of thing you describe is worst with the lightest coloured dogs (the ones that are almost albino). Albinism is often associated with neurological disorders.  Albinos lack melanin (skin pigment), which often means a shortage of certain chemical receptors in the nervous system Read about this on blurtit, or from Temple Grandin herself.

As a result, things like poor muscular control are not uncommon in albino or near albino animals.  On top of that, many pedigree dogs are going to be extra-prone to such disorders, because of inbreeding.

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