How Can I Relieve My Kitten's Cold Symptoms?


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Feline upper respiratory infections are common in cats and kittens,
especially from stray mothers, group housing, or shelter situations.
At first the infection is viral but in many cases bacteria invade and
produce nasal discharge, fever, and other signs. Kittens do not have a
fully developed immune system and are not as able to fend off
infections. Many kittens need antibiotics and supportive care. I
recommend having this kitten examined by a veterinarian. There is not
much you can do at home other than offer food, water, and clean the
nasal discharge off the nose.
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Sit in the bathroom and let the shower run with hot hot water making the bathroom steamy, that can help with her breathing a little bit. keep her comfortable, warm and feed her warm milk and anything soft but in tiny proportions, don't leave her unattended. make sure that you as the owner are staying clean for whatever she may have can possibly be passed onto you. stay away from anything or anyone that could make her more sick, and make sure that if you do encounter anything as such, to wash really good before making contact with her again.
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You should take her to the vet right away or it will get worse

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