My 15 Year Old Golden Retriever Keeps Falling Is This Hip Dysplasia?


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Hip dysplasia cause weakness and deterioration of hip. It is a painful condition in dogs that can affect walking and cause disability.

Symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs are
  1. Abnormal gait
  2. Hind leg lameness
  3. Walking and getting up difficulties
  4. Staggering
  5. Reluctant to jump or run
  6. Exercise intolerance
  7. Reduced activities
  8. Clicking sound while walking or standing up

If your dog keeps falling and does not have any above mentioned symptoms then he might be having vestibular disease that is causing problems of balance. Vestibular system maintains the balance and orientation. There are 2 types of vestibular diseases. Central vestibular disease that affects brain and peripheral vestibular disease that affects nerves. Dogs usually have peripheral vestibular disease. Its symptoms are
  1. Drunken walking
  2. Falling
  3. Circling
  4. In coordination
  5. Head tilt
  6. Eyes drift
  7. Rolling
This problem can be due to  
  1. Ear infection
  2. Ear polyps
  3. Thiamine deficiency
  4. Head trauma.

So, you should take your dog to vet.

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