My Dog Is Flicking Her Ears, What's Wrong?


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There are a few things that could cause your dog to be flicking her ears, but don’t worry – none of them are serious.

Ticks, Fleas and Ear Mites
This is the usual reason why dogs flick their ears. If you’ve taken your dog for a walk in a place that has long grass or bushes, it’s likely that she’s picked up ticks or fleas.

Luckily, both are quite easy to spot, so take a quick look at your dog’s ears and see if you can see any tiny black bugs on them.

Ear mites are much smaller, and will be inside the ear rather than on the fur.  They’re usually orange, and tend to form little clusters.

You can buy treatment for fleas, ticks and ear mites at the pet store.

Ear Infections
If you can’t see any sign of bugs or mites, your dog might have an ear infection.  You can buy treatment at the pet store, but you’ll need to know which type of infection you’re treating first.

Check your dog’s ears for wax or gunk – if there’s any dark brown stuff, it could be a yeast infection, but if it’s lighter, it’s more likely to be a bacterial infection.

What Else Could Cause My Dog To Flick Her Ears?

It could be something as simple as your dog being irritated - it's not uncommon for dogs to flick their ears when they're too hot, or when they have water in their ears after a swim or bath.
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Go to a vet.
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Have you checked for ticks or ear mites? They'd be the main possibilities, or if the dog is old, it could be a build-up of ear wax irritating the dog's ears.

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