My 5 Month Old Bernese Mountain Puppy Has Had Red Eyes Since We Got Him. Cream And Drops From The Vet Haven't Worked. Does Anyone Know What This Could Be And How To Make It Better?


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Join a Bernese Mountain Dog club (the Kennel Club will have their contact details). Then you can ask other Bernese owners if their dogs have the same thing, and what they do about it. It may be quite normal for that breed. You do not say whether they trouble him, so I am assuming that they do not.
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Red eyes are common in Bernese Mountain Dogs and some of the breed just have them. The cream drops aren't working because it is hereditary, My 5 month old has red eyes as well, luckily they arent droopy.
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Ask your vet if its possible the dog has pannus. This is a condition with permanently red-looking eyes (sometimes mistaken for conjunctivitis), which is usually genetic. If left untreated it can cause a skin to form over the eye, which looks like the inner lid has dropped down. It can cause blindness if untreated long-term

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