My Dog's Blood Work Came Back With Neutrophils High, Monocytes High, Eosinophils High And Platelet Count High. What Does This Mean?


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What do high monocytes in a dog's blood mean?

Elevated white blood cell count indicates infection and/or inflammation.

  • Monocytes and neutrophils are the first responses of the body when it encounters an infection.
  • If eosinophils are elevated as well, this usually indicates a parasitic infection.
  • From the blood work you have described, it sounds as if your dog may have a tick-borne infection.
Doxycycline works really well for this infection. Your pet should first be diagnosed as to what type of infection it has, in order to use the correct antibiotic. It's critical to know as soon as possible, so as to treat it before it is too late.

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