Dog Listless No Appetite No Vomiting Or Fever. Can You Help?


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I wonder if that sore could be some type of bite like a spider bite that could be causing these symptoms.  Are you certain it is from a cactus?  Was there any type of insecticide that could have been sprayed on the cactus that might have been on the cactus spike if you are certain?   How long ago did she make the move from the field to the city?  Is it possible she is experience some type of depression and has not acclimated to her new environment yet?  Dogs can be pretty sensitive to changes like that, especially if it is a major change like this one.  If her symptoms do not improve I would take her for a checkup at the vet just to make sure everything is alright.  
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I spent $200 at the Vet's office with no diagnosis. He gave her antibotics where she seems to now appear like she has a cold. Runny nose, short breathes. She's eating specially prepared food such as rice with liver, steak or chicken that I prepare myself. Seems to be improving but not her peppy self yet.
I thought it might be a form of depression and just becoming weak due to a lack of excersize like she's used to doing, like running in the fields. I'm taking her for walks everyday, but she's weak after just going around the block.
I've been told that dogs don't get colds, but she sure seems like she has one. Is that true or not?
Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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