My Dog Has A Wettish Nose And He's Got Sinus Congestion (?), Should I Bring Him Into A Vet?


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Some upper respiratory infections or kennel cough can be mild and self-limiting.  If your dog is still congested in 1-2 days, stops eating or drinking, or becomes lethargic have him seen by a veterinarian.  Some upper respiratory infections need medical treatment.  Other causes of nasal congestion can include nasal foreign body, tooth root abscess, or nasal mass.  If necessary your veterinarian can help rule these causes out.
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He was making a slight "hacking sound". I've been giving him liquid Children's Benadryl and he seems to be getting better. Would it be advisable to try a 'saline nasal spray" as I've seen in some other responses, if so, how would I go about doing that?

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