My Gold Fish Is Weak And Does Not Eat Much? What's Wrong?


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This Gold Fish must be looked after properly by keeping it away from other fish, if any, to provide it more relaxed atmosphere for awhile. Take care of few things while keeping fish:

Always keep your fish bowl clean. No matter, its aquarium is hot or cold, take care of its cleanliness in a proper way. If its aquarium has external power filter and a bio wheel then it is different otherwise it needs one by four inch thick gravel layer. In fact gravel layer should be avoided in order to keep your fish healthy if you have bio wheel and external power filter. Keep on changing its water if you find it dirty.

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Hello Sharath_k, Sorry to hear about your Gold Fish being weird:( Well hope he starts swimming around soon is your water at right temp? Good luck.
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I hate to be the one to tell you this but the advantage gold fish no matter what variety doesn't last very long and it sounds like this little guy is on his way out unfortunately. I had a goldfish that lasted a good 8 yrs and many a time I thought he was destined for toilet bowl heaven lol. Not much you can do but just wait and see.
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The water might be dirty or it not hungry. But it might be sick.
It might want to die but I don't think it will trust me.

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