Where Can I Buy Earthworms?


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If you are interested in purchasing earthworms, there are a number of outlets you can choose from. They are available in most good pet stores, bait stores and worm farms.

In today’s world of the Internet, you can also now purchase your earthworms on your computer. Your options when purchasing are very similar to if you were to walk into your local pet store. Most suppliers will sell earthworms in larger quantities; typically measured by their weight. However, if you shop around, you may come across a quantity that is more suitable to your needs.

For people like fishermen, you also have the option of growing and breeding your own earthworm supply at home. You can often find earthworms in moist soil or areas of dirt that feature a lot of leaves. During the dry seasons, finding earthworms is considerably more difficult.

Once you have acquired your earthworms, store them in a container; preferably kitted out with soil for them to breed in whilst you are not using them as bait. You also need to make sure that you do not use these earthworms to feed to your pet. This is because the soil which you found them in could very well contain chemicals or pesticides and it is therefore dangerous for your pet to eat these earthworms. A quick Internet search should unveil all the other things you need to know about breeding earthworms.

So it is entirely up to you how you obtain your earthworms. Take into consideration the amount of earthworms you need and for what purpose. Then compare that with the expense of purchasing them or how long it would take for you to breed them. From here, you can then make a decision about what method would work the best for you.
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They are mostly found at bait and pet food stores.
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Typically earthworms are available at pet shops, worm farms, and pet food stores or bait stores. Surprisingly, you can actually order earthworms online! Some earthworms are sold in bulk by weight, others by quantity.

If you require a more constant supply of earthworms for uses such as fish bait, try raising them yourself. Worms are easy to breed. Earthworms are typically found in well mulched soil or even soil containing a chunky layer of leaf litter. However, during the dry season, to find earthworms, you need to dig deeper. Bear in mind that if soil contains pesticides or chemicals, then digging up earthworms so as to feed your pet is a not advisable since your pet will suffer.   

For general information on earthworm care as well as feeding visit
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You can buy earthworms from bait shops, pet stores and you can even buy them online. It also depends on where you would like to use it.
You can buy live earthworms here

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