Which Bird Lays The Biggest Egg?


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The Ostrich, the eggs are about 8 inches tall and weigh about 3 lbs. On the average.
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The ostrich lays the largest egg at 8 in long and weighing 3 pounds. The smallest egg is laid by a vervain hummingbird  of Jamaica at 0.39 inches
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By size alone, it's the ostrich. By comparison to the original bird, the kiwi.
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Kiwi birds lay the largest eggs in propossion to their size
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Usually, the larger the bird the larger the egg it lays. But the size of a bird's egg is not always dependent on the size of the parent bird. It really depends on the amount of food necessary to nourish the growing germ up to the point of hatching. Birds that is able to take care of themselves a short time after hatching come from large eggs. In these eggs there was enough food yolk to bring them to a high state of development before they were hatched.

Birds that are born blind and helpless come from relatively small eggs, in which there was not enough food to develop them to the point of self-support at birth. Not all eggs are shaped like hen's eggs. Some birds lay cylindrical, spherical, and even pear-shaped eggs. The eggs of some birds nesting in high, exposed places are shaped in such a way that there is little danger of their rolling and breaking.

When it comes to size of egg, the ostrich is the champion. Ostrich eggs measure 15 to 17 centimetres long and 13 to 15 centimetres across. It has been found that an ostrich egg shell will hold from 12 to 18 hens' eggs IWhile the ostrich lays the largest eggs of any birds living today, there have been birds that would have considered an ostrich egg tiny! The extinct elephant bird, or rock, of Madagascar, laid the largest eggs ever known. Complete shells of these eggs have been found and measured. Some of them are 33 centimetres long and 23 to 26 centimetres in diameter. The shell of these eggs will hold about eight litres, and that's six times as much as an ostrich egg will hold, and nearly 150 times as much as a hen's egg will hold!

The smallest eggs are produced by hummingbirds. Some species of hummingbirds lay eggs that are only six millimetres in length. There are a great many birds which can be taught to say a few words. But the real ''talking birds" can be taught to say long sentences! The best talking birds are parrots, mynas, crows, ravens, jackdaws, and certain jays.

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Emus, ostriches and cassowaries are all large but I'm sure its the ostrich
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A cuban hen lays the largest eggs. The largest egg was discovered in Southern Madagascar. It belonged to the now extinct elephant bird. This egg can be seen in the Academie des Sciences in Paris. It is 326 mm by 390 mm and, with its contents, is thought to have had a mass of 12,25 kg.
The largest egg of a living bird is that of the ostrich. The ostrich egg is 10 cm to 15 cm in diameter and has a mass of up to 1,78 kg. It takes 40 minutes to boil it!
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The largest egg is laid by the largest bird - the ostrich.  Ostrich eggs are over 2,000 time larger than the smallest eggs of the hummingbird.  They weigh over 2 pounds each.
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This is the ostrich, they are the largest bird also. Many people say that their eggs are good eating too. Hope this helps.
The extinct giant elephant bird (Aephornis maximus) laid 1 foot long eggs with a lElephant Bird egg compared to chicken eggliquid capacity of 2.25 gallons- the equivalent of seven ostrich eggs and more than 12,000 humming bird eggs.

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