What Is The Other Name For A "Snake With Wings"?


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"Algarrobo Plantations"( mesquite trees) down at the coast of Peru or the Amazon you will find flying snakes, they are 2 to 3 feet long, thinner bodies, darker maple color, really long sharp front teeth. These plantations are so dense that its almost imposible for people to walk inside .
They normally live at the top of the trees they have the sense of smell blood from warm bodies , it doesnt attack humans but if they see an animal for example a deer they will attack, their way of attacking its by coil themselfs then push foward as hard as they can , they help themselfs with their wings wich are not big (normally 8 to 10 inches and look like big dragonfly wings) by flapping fast and makes a zuuumm sound until they reach their target, normally they like to strike by the neck where they can find more blood wich they get by stucking their front teeth , I'm not too sure if they suck thru their teeth or they suck with the rest of their mouth, most of the times the animal doesn't die they will recover with the days but if the snake hasn't eaten for days it could suck most of their blood and the target will die sooner. This is one of those cases that people know but they don't talk about it its not a big deal for people who lives down there its a common issue and still don't understand why nobody study more about those creatures, when you see it for the first its a bit scary then eventually you get used to it
unfortunately when I was down there never took pictures  but with the description I gave I'm pretty sure somebody can do a drawing and get it very similar to the way they look . If you need more info the best way its to go to the area.
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A snake with wings is the mythological symbol for the human ego. It is in the form of a dragon. It represents the inner dragon of a person, which the person must slay before he or she gets to his or her desire. In other words, a snake with wings is another name for a dragon.

The dragon is one of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. Like the other animal symbols in the Chinese horoscope, it also appears once every 12 years. The dragon is, in fact, often used as a nickname by the media to represent China.

The word dragon is defined as a creature of Teutonic mythology. A dragon is usually represented by breathing fire. It has the body of a reptile and is sometimes depicted as a winged creature, hence the nickname the snake with wings. A dragon is a small Asian lizard which has winglike membranes on either side of its body.
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Another kind of snake with wings is a cockatrice. Said to be of kin to the basilisk in mythology, they were dragon like, with wide wings extending from a snake's back.
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There is a species of snake called a flying snake but it doesn't in fact have wings. They are indiginous to S.E Asia and have been mentioned in historic texts for centuries. Lucan mentioned them as dropping from tree to tree and being vicious (Pharsalia 8, 720). They are in fact said to be harmless, dropping from tree to tree in pursuit of prey.
In all many cultures the Dragon is usually taken to be the snake with wings and has symbolic sygnificance in myth and folk-life.
In Europe dragons were general terrifying creature with reptillian characteristics and wings who could cause a lot of trouble. They could destroy property and people at will. Saint George and the Dragon and the Red Dragon of Wales are symbols of the United Kingdom.
In China Dragons are a different breed altogether! Here they are amphibious creatures who can live in seas and oceans and have a genrally more benign role to play.
Dragons probably emerged in the mists of time, modelled on a variety of human perceptions of the natural and supernatural world.
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What a wonderfully enlightening answer! With all the references to Dragons in history you would think that someday they would find the bones of some creature now extinct that would explain why so much has been written about Dragons.
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