What Does A Snow Crab Look Like?


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A snow crab looks like this:

10 Interesting Facts About Snow Crabs

  1. They're most commonly found in the Atlantic ocean, but also live in the Pacific, Arctic, and Gulf of Alaska.
  2. They are also known by the names "queen crab", "spider crab" and by their genus name, chionoecetes opilio.
  3. Snow crabs are commonly picked up by trawlers seeking fish.
  4. The males are around twice the size of the females.
  5. Snow crabs usually live between five and six years.
  6. The name "snow crab" is thought to come from the fact that the sides of their feet are bright white, regardless of the color of their shells.
  7. Snow crabs usually eat smaller crustaceans, but the females are also known to eat other snow crabs!
  8. A female snow crab can carry up to 150,000 eggs at a time.
  9. Snow crabs can be found up to 3,900 ft underwater.
  10. The species was first officially described in 1780.

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