What Does A Hermit Crab Look Like Without Its Shell?


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Without a shell, a hermit crab looks something like this - it does vary depending on the type, age and health of the crab, though!

Why Do Hermit Crabs Need Shells?

Hermit crabs have very soft abdomens, and are very fragile without a shell to protect them. This is why you only tend to see them without shells if they're in between molts (changing from one shell to another) or if they're dead.

Why Do Hermit Crabs Change Shells?

As they grow, they need more space - as the term suggests, hermit crabs 'molting' is similar to snakes shedding their skin.

Unlike normal crabs, tortoises and other shelled creatures, hermit crabs don't have shells of their own, so they have to find one to fit them.

Sometimes, they'll get their heart set on a particular shell, and will even fight another hermit crab to the death in order to obtain it.

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Usually a light pinkish color.

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